Causes that my husband & I care about/support

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

About the Foundation:

“Imagine a world without childhood brain tumors.

That’s the future we’re fighting for. The reality, though, is that 13 children and teens are diagnosed each day with a brain tumor, more children die of brain tumors than any other cancer, and survivors often face lifelong side effects and years of tests and treatments.

As the world’s leading nonprofit dedicated to children and teens with brain tumors, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s mission is to care for families along their journey, cure all childhood brain tumors, and help survivors and families thrive.

– Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Why I care about this organisation: As I was growing up, my family and I firmly believed to support the causes that have helped us get through the distressing times we have had to endure with the many brain surgeries I have had to have; therefore, I have participated in many Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Fundraiser’s. Ride for Kids is the main event we often attended. The Ride for Kids is an event where sponsors raise money thoughout the year in creative ways, then we gather in locations all throughout America to report back how much has been raised and Honda motorcycles donates a motorcycle to the group who has raised the most money.

Featured above: Myself about to go on a ride on a motorcycle for Ride for Kids fundraiser
Featured above: Myself on motorcycle next to my mom and cousin Hannah Shay
Featured above: Ride for Kids sponsor and myself
Featured above: Myself sharing with the Ride for Kids volunteers the story of my brain tumor experience and my gratitude to those who have helped raise funds to find a cure.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation in America

About the Foundation:

“Wishes are more than just a nice thing. And they are far more than gifts, or singular events in time. Wishes impact everyone involved—wish kids, volunteers, donors, sponsors, medical professionals and communities.

For wish kids, just the act of making their wish come true can give them the courage to comply with their medical treatments. Parents might finally feel like they can be optimistic. And still others might realize all they have to offer the world through volunteer work or philanthropy. “

– Make-A-Wish Foundation in America

Why I care about this organisation: When I was 16 years old, I was given the opportunity to meet Courtney Cox. I choose to meet Courtney Cox as my Make-A-Wish, because I was obsessed with the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S growing up. It was the only show I wanted to watch when I was recovering from every brain surgery. It was truly the wish of a lifetime. The Make-A-Wish flew my family and I out to L.A. where we meet Courtney Cox on her show that she was producing at the time called ‘Mix it up’. Courtney was so sweet and caring about my situation. It was an experience I’ll never forget!

Featured above: Myself, Courtney Cox, and my sister Colleen Quinlan

The Little Princess Trust

About the Trust

“The Little Princess Trust provides free, real-hair wigs for young cancer sufferers or for children and young people experiencing the devastating effects of hair loss. We also fund pioneering, life-saving research into childhood cancers.”

– The Little Princess Trust

Why I care about this organisation: As it has been two years, since I had my last brain surgery and with considerations to the fact that my surgery hair has grown out quite a bit as you see in the picture, I decided to not only cut my hair to even it out, but to also cut the required minimum amount of 7inches/17cm in order to donate my hair to The Little Princess Trust.

To hear more about why I decided to donate my hair to The Little Princess Trust, please follow this link.

Also, if you would like to help at a child receive a free wig as they are loosing their hair or have already lost their hair due to a medical condition, please follow this link.

The Brain Tumour Charity

About the Charity:

“Brain tumours have a devastating impact on people’s lives. They can strike anyone, at any age. And they strike fast. But what if we could move faster? What if we could be the generation that stopped them – right in their tracks?

As the world’s leading brain tumour charity, that’s exactly what we’re here to achieve. We’re dedicated to accelerating progress in how brain tumours are diagnosed, cared for, treated and ultimately cured. And we won’t stop until they are.”

– The Brain Tumour Charity

Why we care about this organisation: Upon moving to the U.K. my husband and I discovered The Brain Tumour Charity and becuase my husband knows how much a cause  such as The Brain Tumour Charity means to me, because it can further researchers efforts in finding a cure for brain tumours he decided that we needed to be become monthly donors. I hope with our efforts, amongst many others, we can find a cure!

The Make-A-Wish Foundation in the United Kingdom

Make-A-Wish Mission Statement:

“Our mission at Make-A-Wish UK is to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

To enable us to grant as many life-changing wishes as possible and to deliver the One True Wish of each child, we carry out a programme of fundraising. This is intended to generate enough funds to meet current demand and maintain appropriate cash reserves to cover future foreseeable needs.

Critical to our mission are the efforts of our volunteer force and the essential generosity of our donors. We strive to widen and deepen our relationship with both.”

We have four strategic goals in place to help us deliver our mission:

  • To grant a wish for every eligible child
  • Every wish has more of an impact on the child and their family
  • More people believing every (eligible) child needs a wish
  • Accelerated, sustainable growth of income and resources

– Make-A-Wish United Kingdown

Why I care about this organisation: Upon moving to the UK, I decided to do research to see if they had an organisation like the Make-A-Wish they have in the United States. After doing some research, I found out that they do. In the future, I hope to work with and help in the making of a child – who lives with a life-threatening condition – wish come true, just like I had my wish come true 16 years ago.

The One Life to Love Orphanage home in India

About the One Life to Love:

Courtney Regina Lalotra – Founder & president of One Life to Love – opened the doors of One Life to Love 10 years ago. The One Life to Love is an Indian orphanage home who now houses 10 boys who have ‘special needs’.

But not only that, One Life to Love also has over 30 children who come every day for day care services, women alliance programs (where they provide sanitary pads for women who don’t have access to them), and they are also sponsoring education for more than 300 girls to go to school.

To find out more about American humanitarian Courtney Regina Lalotra story and what more One Life to Love is  doing for their community, please read the article that I wrote about One Life to Love here.

Featured above: Courtney with a child who is a part of the Daycare & Education Center for Migrant Children

Why I care about this organisation:

Courtney Regina Lalotra is a childhood family friend of mine that I have known since I was a kid. Courtney’s mom and my mom were best friends, so they of course had their kids go on many playdates. We loved to have fun as you can see in the picture below. But more than this, Courtney’s heart never changed as she grew up. She has a burning desire to help others as do I; therefore, this is why I choose to support/help a cause such as this.

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