Video News Packages


During broadcast news week, my classmates and I were assigned to have a broadcast news story produced within a 24-hour turnaround time frame. I produced several news packages: a homeless sleep-out, 2019 New Years Resolutions, and the problem with potholes in the City of Birmingham.

A Birmingham taxi cab driver has something to say on the problem of potholes.

The city of Birmingham have been dealing with the problem of potholes for quite some time, but it has gotten progressively worse because nothing has been done about the issue. However, there are ways now to help implement change to help correct this issue.

For Newsweek, my classmates and I put together news packages that contributed to our news show we produced. The production was as follows: lights, cameras, news desk, floor manager, news producer, and a news anchor. Above is a news package I produced on the topic of the pothole problem in the City of Birmingham. I also indicated a solution of how to fix this problem towards the end of this news package – essentially a problem solution story.

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