Listicle: 6 things you can do to reduce air pollution

1. Recycle

You’ve heard it before and we’ll say I again. RECYCLE EVERYTHING. If you think you need to throw something away, chances are there’s a way it can be recycled.

There are a number of places that will accept donations to recycle; such as charity shops accept clothes and books, opticians accept old glasses, and thrift stores accept old laptops and phones.


2. Package Free Shops

New shops are starting to open that sells its products without any plastic packaging. This means you take your own jars and boxes to carry your groceries. Consider trying one out and see how little you end up throwing away!


3. Shop Local

If there isn’t a package free shop near you, being more conscious of where your food is from can also minimise your own carbon footprint. Labels in shops will print a country of origin and the closer to home this is, the less pollution was created bringing it to you! Your local market or farm shop is a good place to start.


4. Cycle or Walk

Commuting and travel is one of the bigger sources of air pollution in our cities. Short journeys should be made by walking or cycling. For longer journeys or commutes in the rain consider taking a bus instead of driving.


5. Carpool

Sometimes a journey is too far or you’re running late, so driving seems to be the only option. But have you considered carpooling? This is where people going to the same place share a car or take turns driving each-other. You can organise it with work mates or use one of the many apps on your phone, such as blablacar. 


6. Get green fingers

If you have a garden grow your own vegetables, compost food waste, and look after your own little green haven. If your garden is big enough, plant bushes and trees! Not only will you be able to grow your own food, but you will be actively removing air pollution from your city!


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