Quidem Radio News Package: Phase 1 of the Wave in Coventry Opening

Featuring: Me with Quidem radio reporter Issac Johnson

Story featured below: I assisted reporter Issac Johnson with a news package on the opening of the Wave waterpark, fitness centre, and spa facilities in Coventry. I took on much of a reporters role by conducting research, writing up questions for the interviewees, asking and filming the interviewees questions, shooting b-roll, and editing the final news package together.

The Wave in Coventry – Phase 1 Opening

Reporter Isaac Johnson and I attended the exclusive access media tour of the The Wave in Coventry, UK.

Paul Breed, Chief Executive of the project, gave us a tour of the fitness, pool, and spa facilities. These facilities are set to open July 22, 2019.

As for the waterpark section, we were able to see the development, but the waterpark still has an indefinite date as to when it will be officially open.

Councillor Kamran A Caan, Cabinet Member of Public Health and Chair of the Coventry Health & Wellbeing Board,  was also present for the tour. Councillor Caan gave his feedback of his excitement of this project finally coming to completion. 

“It’s really quite an emotional time, because you just think from paper and to actually seeing something completed and following it through, we’ve been following it very very closely and it is has clearly given us some great pride and passion that this kind of state art facilities is available for my family, my citizens, and my community.”

– Councillor Kamran A. Caan 

News package featured below: Reporter Issac Johnson gave the public the first look inside the Wave waterpark, fitness centre, and spa facilities. 


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