My Work Experience with ITV News Central

Journo Jess with the ITV News Central Team

I have a contact, Sarah Jones, who used to be a correspondent and news anchor for  ITV News Central.  Sarah put me in touch with Tejinder Kaur, Content Editor for ITV News Central. After speaking with Tejinder, she then offered me a work experience position with ITV News Central from August 5 – 7, 2019.

My duties included:

  • Shadow Production Journalists’  Zoe Muldoon and Lewis Warner produce content for broadcast television and the web using the Avid Media iNews workflow system.
  • Observe the technical production team – Production Journalist Sonia Matharu – as she input the weather videos received from other news station locations for the East and West Midlands news segments.
  • Watch Production Journalist Carl Sargent receive and transcode videos/pictures using interplay to input videos/pictures into the news segments.
  • Shadow the morning and afternoon monthly, weekly, and programming meetings with Production Journalists’ Awo Tarabi and Rachel Ward,  Planning Editor Tom Lowe, and Programme & Digital Editor Nimesh Joshi.
  • Sat in the gallery to watch Sameena Ali-Khan and Bob Warman present the 1 p.m and 6 p.m. news segments, while also learning from Production Journalists’ about Shotoku – the professional-grade manual and robotic camera support equipment.
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