One Show: Homeless sleep-out report

What is a Homeless Sleep-out?

The Big Birmingham Sleep-Out brings crowds of people together to build “dwelling” houses out of cardboard boxes and sheets of paper to sleep in overnight for one night. The cardboard boxes are sponsored by Jaffabox

Each “dwelling” house is entered into a contest. Whoever can build the most creative “dwelling” house wins first prize. 

What is it for?

All of the funds that is raised goes towards St. Basils, who helps rough sleepers get off the streets.

St. Basils mission is to enable young people to find and keep a home, grow their confidence, develop their skills, increase opportunities and prevent homelessness.

St. Basils houses over 1000 young people in Birmingham and over 1500 people across the West Midlands in their 34 supported accommodation schemes, plus helps thousands more young people with face to face support and advice, but due to central government cuts these services are at risk. St. Basils had to raise £1.2 million theirselves this year. BIG Brum SleepOut is their largest event of the year.

Homeless sleep-out report

My MA Journalism team produced a documentary on the Homeless Sleep-outtherefore, I was asked to be on the OneShow to be report back on what happened at the event and how the event impacted me personally.

My roles for the documentary filming were as follows: reporter, social media manager, and production assistant manager. I conducted many interviews with important people who were a part of the event, before and during. My other colleagues captured b-roll as well as got other interviews.

After my colleagues and I finished filming the Homeless SleepOut, I then collaborated with one of my colleagues to edit and produce the final documentary.

One Show: Homeless sleep-out report video featured below: I, Jessica Quinlan the reporter, provide feedback on what the event was about, what happened, why it was happening, who it was for, and how it effected me on a personal level.

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