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Semi-pro Strongman on quest to become world’s strongest man

On one of the day’s of my work experience with BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, I was scheduled to go out with reporter Richard Williams to cover a story on semi-pro strongman Mikey Lane and his quest to become the world’s strongest man.

35 year old Mikey Lane from Nuneaton eats seven chickens a week, along with six pizzas. It’s part of his training regime.

Lane has dedicated the last nine years to pushing himself to his limits to chase his dream. His journey has seen him compete nationally and internationally, with his ultimate quest to compete in the World’s Strongest Man contest.

BBC Covenrty & Warwickshire’s Richard Williams trains with semi-pro strongman Mikey Lane.

Strongman’s Gym

Mikey Lane also walked us through his man-made gym that he built himself using his metalwork skills. Lane built this man-made gym, because equipment at a regular gym is just not enough to push him to his limits to become the world’s strongest man

Strongman’s Strength

 Below is a video that I filmed of Semi-pro strongman Mikey Lane showing off his strength by picking reporter Richard Williams up over his head. 

I sent the video to BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, and they then tweeted the video onto their Twitter account along with some bio about strongman.  

Semi-pro strongman Mikey Lane picks up reporter Richard Williams.
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