Testimonials for Journo Jess

Featured below: In this section of my portfolio, you will find testimonials from colleagues that I have worked with and people that I have wrote stories about, as well as their circumstances that they are facing. Please click on the the Testimonial Names or Images below to view the full testimonials from each person.  

“Jessica took so much time and care when interviewing us and putting together our story – and I am happy to have this special (albeit chaotic) time in my life captured into words and video. Now, I’ll be able to share my story with others in a way that would not have been possible.”                                                                                                      – Former Colleague, friend, & Psychology Research Assistant, Sonya Kaminski’s Testimonial

                                                                                                  “Jessica is a very hardworking and fair journalist.      She is compassionate and always strives to get both sides of the story. If you want a solid story, she is someone who can get the job done.”                                  – Former Colleague & Texan Middle School Teacher         Josh Ault

                                                                                                       “Her strong ability to work on sensitive topics, such          as ‘Sexual Assault’ and issues around ‘Rough.                 Sleepers’, shows her ability to tackle hard topics             and bring attention to the public on important                subjects.”                                                                                 – Colleague & Media Operator for Sky News, Fahima                      Khatun 

                                                                                                        “Jess, you are very good at what you do.                        You are approachable and kept me informed                        throughout the publication process.”                                 – Medical Consultant Asif Munaf        

                                                                                                        “I feel like this is a subject not spoken about              much and thought it would help to let people                  know first-hand. I believe your words were                        genuine.”
     – Pharmacist Adil Bhaloda

    “I loved the way Jess did the layout. She arranged the article in a way that kept the reader reading. It was              engaging. To have a few paragraphs, followed by the corresponding video interview is genius. Also, she               provided background information that was crucial to the story, giving it validity.”

–  Founder & President of One Life to Love, Courtney Regina Lalotra

                                                                                                 “Three benefits of working with Jessica: she does not           make the interview feel so stressful, she listened to             what I had to say, and she was compassionate towards my situation.”                                                                                – American High School Senior, Hannah Shay

                                                                                                    “Your article brought to light the difficult time our                    seniors are facing and helped to spread some                        positivity during what has been a tough time.”           – American High School Principal, Erin Lenhart Davis

                                                                                                     “I could speak openly about my experiences with mental health and she made me feel empowered to help others through my experience.”                                                               – Freelance Journalist, Laura Sanders

                                                                                                      “I cannot contain my excitement on how well this    project turned out. I also sent a copy of it to my newly elected Member of Parliament, Zarah Sultana, and she had     read with interest. ”                                                                                  – Coventry resident, Ian Oakley

“I was really pleased with the final article. I actually had my therapist take a listen to the audio portion that you put together in the article! My therapist loved the part about how I spoke about being a single mom and how I said in the interview that we can get through this pandemic!”                                                                                              – Owner of Hall Housekeeping, Sabrina Hall

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