American High School Senior – Hannah Shay’s Testimonial

American High School Senior Hannah Shay’s Story: Covid-19 EXCLUSIVE: American High School Senior Speaks Out 

Hannah Shay’s Testimonial:

“I decided to share my story with Jessica, because I wanted to share what every senior was feeling. I wanted to let other seniors know that they are not alone and to inform people who are not seniors what it is like to be part of the Class of 2020.

Jessica gained my trust by being professional on and off of the interview. She was truly intrigued by what I had to say, and it made the interview process easier. 

I felt the final article was great and it really captured what I was saying. I really liked how Jessica incorporated the video that my high school teachers from Randolph-Henry made for the students. I felt like that really tied everything together with what I was saying in the article and the interview. 

Three benefits of working with Jessica: she does not make the interview feel so stressful, she listened to what I had to say, and she was compassionate towards my situation. 

She has a bubbly personality that carries over to her work and that eases the other person’s mind. 

Jessica also listened to what I had to say, along with helping me put my thoughts into something she could publish without losing what I wanted to say. 

During the entire interview process, Jessica was extremely compassionate and understanding with what I am going through. 

I would recommend other people to work with Jessica, because she is extremely caring about the person she is interviewing. 

Overall, Jessica is a great person to work with and she makes interviews fun. I was definitely nervous at first, but I realized that Jessica was here to make my story known and make me feel heard.”

– American High School Senior, Hannah Shay