My Work Experience with the BBC

I was offered a work experience opportunity with BBC Coventry & Warwickshire radio station  from September 2-13, 2019 after applying online under the BBC Work Experience Opportunities in Regions within Radio career hub. 

On day one, producer Terry Goodwin had me on the field immediately to gather Vox Pops for the station.

Other duties that I had were as follows:

The BBC Team I worked with Daily👇🏻👀👇🏻

Journo Jess with the BBC girls – Michele Dawes, Debbie Woods, & Bron Mills
Journo Jess with Presenter Trish Adudu
Journo Jess with Journalist Debbie Woods
Journo Jess out for Sprinkles ice cream with the BBC Team. Featuring Terry Goodwin, Jenna Benson, Libby Merry, Vic Minett, and Thea Matthews
Journo Jess with Presenter Vic Minett
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