Founder & President of One Life to Love, Courtney Regina Lalotra Testimonial

Founder & President of One Life to Love, Courtney Lalotra’s story: Indian Orphanage provides more than 10,000 Covid-19 relief packs to internal migrants amid pandemic

Courtney Regina Lalotra’s Testimonial: 

I choose to share my story with Jess, because we are basically family. But also because I know how well she did in school and I read so many of her articles, which were very well written. During the interview, she was so polite, professional, and intentional. She certainly gained my trust.

The final article exceeded my expectations. The amount of heart she put into it reflected in the end result. I am forever grateful. 🙏🏻

I loved the way Jess did the layout. She arranged the article in a way that kept the reader reading. It was engaging. To have a few paragraphs, followed by the corresponding video interview is genius. Also, she provided background information that was crucial to the story, giving it validity.

Three benefits of working Jess are:

    1. I did not have to explain much – you really captured the heart of my work and the issues we are facing. 
    2. Flexibility. You were so kind and understanding in dealing with my scheduling and connection problems!
    3. You are a gifted writer, so I felt I could tell you my story and know the end result would be informative, concise and not need to be changed in any way.

Journo Jess: Would you recommend others to work with me in the future? If so, why?

Courtney: Yes! Because you are awesome!

Journo Jess: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Courtney: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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