Single mother of three and owner of Hall Housekeeping, Sabrina Hall’s Testimonial

Sabrina Hall’s Story: The COVID-19 isolation makes an impact on people’s mental health

Testimonial interview with Sabrina Hall

Journo Jess: “Why did you choose to share your story with me?”                          

Sabrina Hall: “I chose to share my story with you, because mental health is so important and you actually wanted to know about my mental health, which is amazing!” 

Jouno Jess: “Were you pleased with the final article that was published?”

Sabrina Hall: “Yes, I was really pleased with the final article. I actually had my therapist take a listen to the audio portion that you put together in the article! My therapist loved the part about how I spoke about being a single mom and how I said in the interview that we can get through this pandemic!”

Journo Jess: “Would you recommend others to work with me in the future? If so, why?”                                                                                                                                                     Sabrina Hall: “Yes I would – you are kind, understanding, caring. You are also such a strong, beautiful person. You really helped me to be able to talk about things that I would normally just stay quiet about.”