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My name is Jessica Noel Quinlan. This is my portfolio – a collection of my best work in the Field of Journalism. Furthermore, this includes: my Freelance work, my projects from my collegiate classes, plus my production packages that I produced from my Collegiate Placements in Television, Radio, and Online News. Moreover, you may view the latest articles I have published here. 👀 👉🏻

I hope you enjoy all of the content within my website!

Please feel free to leave any comments or send me an e-mail if you are interested in working with me. Also, if you have a story ideas that you think needs to be covered, please get in touch! I take my job as a Freelance Journalist very seriously and choose to uphold high standards for myself as a journalist.

More about me: I am originally from the rocky mountains of Cleveland, Tennessee – USA.  I am now living in the United Kingdom with my husband working as a Freelance Journalist.

I have a Postgraduate degree in Multiplatform & Mobile Journalism from Birmingham City University (UK) and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Information, with a concentration in Journalism & Electronic Media from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (USA). 

I am an ambitious Freelance Journalist who aspires to be a contracted news reporter/presenter at a well-known broadcast station, a published author, and become a thought leader. I highly enjoy writing and publishing human interest stories, because I believe it is my duty as a journalist to find people who need to have their voice heard. Additionally,  there are three qualities that I possess that I believe makes me a good journalist – authenticity, transparency,  and remaining impartial as I continue to write and publish stories.  I plan to uphold these three qualities as a Freelance Journalist as well as I advance in my journalism career.

Not only do I want to tell other people’s stories, but I also want to share my own as well. With that said, I am in the process of writing a book which  is based on my life and the many struggles I have had to overcome – specifically overcoming 28 brain surgeries throughout my life, because I have an astrocytoma benign inoperable brain tumour and many complications comes with that. As I continue this journey of finishing my book and looking for a publisher, I wanted to share this journey with my audience by connecting with my followers on Facebook @Cure the Brain Tumours, on Twitter @Persevering Jess and on Instagram @persevering_jess. I hope to gain a large following of my journey to not only share my story, but also create the very much needed change that is needed in brain tumour research. 

I, as well, publish blog posts on Medium. The blog posts are focused on my Journey as a Journalist, which includes the ups and the downs that I have experienced as a Freelance Journalist. The blog posts can be viewed here.

Also – a year ago – I made the decision to refocus on my health by switching up my diet, because I have been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). I began to notice that certain foods do tend to make my IBS worse; therefore, I decided that “Going Paleo” might be the answer to helping me get better. It turns out, that is exactly what I needed to do! So as I started researching and making new foods, I decided I also wanted to share this new Paleo journey that my husband also supports by connecting with others who share the same food intolerances that I do by utilising Instagram @thefukuchis_gopaleo and on Twitter @thefukuchis_gopaleo. When I made the decision to ‘Go Paleo’, not only did my husband support me on this journey, but he as well joined me. Going paleo has also been the best thing for us to do for ourselves – physically and mentally. We feel so much better now that we are eating healthier foods and getting more physically fit while doing so. 

My hobbies include working out, hiking, skiing, reading inspirational/self-help books (currently I am reading DIANA Her True Story – In Her Own Words), hanging out with friends, participating in community outreach, spending quality time with my husband and our families, and travelling to new and exciting places with my husband. With that said, I have designed a website devoted to mine and my husband travels and those stories can be viewed here.  

Happily married: Two families became one

My husband and I actually had two wedding ceremonies. To view my blog post about our England Ceremony, please follow this link.

My blog post about our Cancun Ceremony is coming soon!

The American Family – The Quinlan’s
The Brazilian Family – The Fukuchi’s
Mr. & Mrs. Fukuchi – Cancun, Mexico 21 December 2019

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