Pharmacist Adil Bhaloda Testimonial

Testimonial interview with Pharmacist Adil Bhaloda:

1.  Journo Jess: “Why did you choose to share your story with me? Did I gain your trust?” 
Mr. Bhaloda: “I feel like this is a subject not spoken about much and thought it would help to let people know first-hand. I believe your words were genuine.”
2. Jouno Jess: “Were you pleased with the final article that was published?”
Mr. Bhaloda: “Yes, I was. It was nice to see that my input could be helpful to others.”

3.    Journo Jess: “What specific part of the article did you like most?” 

Mr. Bhaloda: “I liked how the page was laid out as it made it easy to read. Also, the introduction set the article up well.”

4.    Journo Jess: “What are the three benefits of working with me?”

Mr. Bhaloda: “Very quick to respond, had a genuine interest in what I had to say, and you had a pleasant manner.”

5. Journo Jess: “Would you recommend others to work with me in the future? If so, why?
Mr. Bhaloda: “I would highly recommend you as you were very easy and pleasant to work with.”
6.  Jouno Jess: “Is there anything else you would like to add?”
Mr. Bhaloda: “Continue with your work, you have a very good work ethic.”