Frontline of Covid-19 Wards, Doctor Asif Munaf’s Testimonial

Frontline of Covid-19 Wards, Doctor Asif Munaf’s Story: COVID-19 EXCLUSIVE: Frontline NHS Medical Consultant reveals the big picture

Testimonial interview with Dr. Asif Munaf:

1️⃣ Journo Jess: “Why did you choose to share your story with me?”   

“Dr. Asif Munaf: “I reached out to you – Jess – on Twitter to document my frontline journey working during these testing times.”

2️⃣ Journo Jess: “Did I gain your trust?”     

Dr. Asif Munaf: “Yes – Jess – you absolutely gained my trust.”

3️⃣ Journo Jess: “Where you pleased with the final article that was published?”  

Dr. Asif Munaf: “Yes, the article was exactly what I wanted it to convey and you did a great job in putting together a great article.”

4️⃣ Journo Jess: “What specific part of the article did you like most?”    

Dr. Asif Munaf: “The incorporation of the pictures along with the text was seamless and really told the story well.”

5️⃣ Journo Jess: “What are the three benefits of working with me?”

Dr. Asif Munaf: “Friendly, efficient, and a highly competent journalist who captured the essence of my experience of working through the Covid crisis very well.”

6️⃣ Journo Jess: “Would you recommend others to work with me in the future? If so, why?”

 Dr. Asif Munaf: “Absolutely Jess, you are very good at what you do.  You are approachable and kept me informed throughout the publication process.” 

 7️⃣ Journo Jess: “Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Dr. Asif Munaf: “Jess, you a brilliant journalist and I would have no hesitation in working with you again.”