Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely with future employees. In order to get a job(s) on Upwork one must submit a proposal(s) to jobs he/she is interested in/qualified for. Once selected for an interview and hired by the client, the candidate must complete the job within the time frame the client requests. I have had several job opportunities with Upwork and have completed all jobs in a timely manner.

My client with hub.careers gave me the opportunity to produce a few videos based on my own career related jobs I have had in the past. I posted these videos on my social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. My client’s goal was to draw more traffic to his company’s website by doing this social media marketing strategy. Each of my videos were also featured on their website as well. 

I worked with Upwork from May 2016 – September 2018. 

Featured below:  Examples of my work that I have done for my clients on hub.careers.

Hub Careers Videos​

Design Whiteboard Template

This client requested for me to design a template for her whiteboard presentation. She was a teacher and was pressed for time. I was able to successfully complete this job in a quick and timely manner. She was really impressed and satisfied with my work. 

Featured below: The template I completed for her. 



My client with the Piano Scales Chords Apreggios Lessons App wanted me to produce a video encouraging new people to download this piano learning app. His team had a goal to have so many downloads for this promotion. The promotion lasted for 48 hours and each person had the opportunity to download this app for free on their Kindle. I created video advertisement for my own social media sights: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The promotion was a success and they reached their goal for downloads for the app. 

Featured below: The video advertisement I created. 


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