2019 New Year Resolutions

Gym memberships incease

As a New Year approaches, many begin to think of their New Year resolutions they need to make for themselves. The main change that many choose to make is to get more fit.

Managers prepare for the newcomers who wish to improve their physical health and they have set plans for each individual who comes in their doors to start a membership, but they also have plans to keep new-comers coming back and continuing on their path of becoming physically fit.

“This week the seventh of January is really the first kind of week that everyone’s back into some kind of normality. We will start to see January a lot busier in comparison to a lot of other months. It’s a key time for our industry. Its when obviously people set their new year’s resolutions and decide to embark on their fitness journey.”

Chris Woodhall
General Manager of The Gym

For many, they find it hard to keep New Year resolutions, but manager’s of fitness centres have  found ways to connect with their newcomers and have sought out how to help each person on their fitness path.

I think a lot of people want their quick fixes. So it’s important to get the right message out there. To further concentrate on longevity and build up that habit. Unfortunately, a lot of members leave the first few weeks of making a decision and get them into some kind of fitness routine. That’s where we of course offer classes, inductions, let’s get personal, which is where we can kind of help goal set and get them into the routine and get them the things they need to be successful for the year really. 

Chris Woodhall
General Manager of The Gym

New Year Resolutions news package featured below: I, Jessica Quinlan the reporter, spoke with Chris Woodhall, General Manager of The Gym, about how much their gym memberships have increased since the New Year has started.


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