Motorhome & Caravan Expo

Many people flock to take part in the motorhome and caravan expo at the National Exhibition Centre. These expo’s happen twice a year – one in October and another in February. Some people simply wanted to check out the new motorhomes and caravans, while others wanted to attempt to buy or possibly win a motorhome or caravan.

This event created a huge opportunity for dealers who were trying to make motorhome and caravan sales. Customers were lining up to check out these motorhomes and caravans that were at this expo.

The motorhome and caravan expo created a family friendly environment and encouraged many who were interested in buying a motorhome or caravan for their families.  The motorhome and caravan expo also promoted the importance of family time and how this can bring families closer together.

Motorhome & Caravan Expo news package featured below: I, Jessica Quinlan the reporter, attended the event and spoke with families to see what all the excitement was about.

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