The City of Birmingham faces a major pothole problem

Potholes impact Birmingham drivers in a negative way everyday, especially taxi cab drivers who make a living off driving everyday for work purposes. 

Taxi cab driver, Tuessan Hussain, says he “spends a lot of money on his suspension every month and he would like for the pothole problem to be fixed.”

Fortunately for Hussain, the City Council  is taking steps to try to improve this major problem of potholes that are located all across the City of Birmingham. 

The City Council responds by asking for commuters to report any potholes they may see on the road by filing a report on the City Council website of where these potholes are located. Once reported, someone will be sent to fill and fix the pothole.

Pothole news package featured below: I, Jessica Quinlan the reporter, spoke with taxi cab driver Tuessan Hussain, who says how much of a deep need there is to fix the problem of potholes in the City of Birmingham. 


Jessica Quinlan – “For Newsweek, my classmates and I put together news packages that contributed to our news show we produced. The production was as follows: lights, cameras, news desk, floor manager, news producer, and a news anchor. Above is a news package I produced on the topic of the pothole problem in the City of Birmingham. I also indicated a solution of how to fix this problem towards the end of this news package – essentially a problem solution story.”

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