Former Colleague, friend, and Psychology Research Assistant, Sonya Kaminski’s Testimonial

Former Colleague, friend, and Psychology Research Assistant Sonya Kaminski’s Story: American couple change wedding plans amid Coronavirus pandemic

Sonya Kaminski’s Testimonial: 

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jessica both personally and professionally for years and continue to be impressed with her skills and accomplishments. When she approached me about capturing my story, I was both honoured and excited for a chance to share such an important event that happened in my life.  It goes without saying that one’s wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life and takes a monumental amount of planning and preparation. For my husband and I, it was also a quite stressful event, as the COVID-19 pandemic began just months before our wedding date. I was happy to share all that this meant for us with Jessica, so that we could hopefully inform and inspire others who were in the same boat. Jessica took so much time and care when interviewing us and putting together our story – and I am happy to have this special (albeit chaotic) time in my life captured into words and video. Now, I’ll be able to share my story with others in a way that would not have been possible.  Jessica is not only passionate about the field of journalism, but her genuine care for those she works with is evident. She is so kind and has a magnetic energy making everyone she meets love her immediately.  I look forward to working with her again in the future!'” – Sonya Kaminski

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