Council moves forward with plans to help children with childhood adverse experiences (ACES)

The learning, culture, and physical activity committee met to discuss what could be done to help children that are undergoing adverse experiences.  Adverse childhood experiences (ACES) are as follows: “physical, verbal or sexual abuse, parental separation, domestic violence, mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse, imprisonment of a close family, or homelessness.”

Principal Educational Psychologist, Amanda Daniels, addressed that there are a number of solutions that can be done to help children who are undergoing adverse experiences. Daniels said, “we need to move away from what is wrong with the child as opposed to what has happened to the child.”

Changes suggested for psychologist to do about ACES:

1. Develop a training programme with the aim of ensuring that every school in Birmingham is Trauma informed and Attachment Aware.

2. Help schools to implement low cost/no cost interventions that are shown to change the balance from vulnerability towards resilience (e.g. meet and greet; letting children know they are “kept in mind”; good transitions; active listening)

3. Work as part of a multi-agency community of practice across the West Midlands

4. Work with the Children’s Trust to develop a range of evidence-based interventions to support parents and carers

5. Develop a trauma informed model behaviour policy for Birmingham schools

Amanda Daniels

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