Lake district features new cocktail that are fit for a queen

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The Fizzy Tarté, one of Lake Districts “most famous cocktail bars,” is working hard to expand their drink menu by adding new, fresh drinks for their guest. Fizzy Tarté has launched a new cocktail menu and is known for its relaxing and contemporary environment. But the bars new cocktail drink is making a quite an impression.

While the bar has received many positive reviews, some have said their new cocktail drinks are “fit for a queen.” Bar Manager,  Kris Grobelny said, “our Top Tarté cocktails are a new level for the Lake District and particularly the Pornstar Martini cocktail is unbelievably delicious.”

Every drink is made with high quality “fresh ingredients, homemade syrups, and only the best, tried and tested spirits.” The bar is looking forward to serving their guests.

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