Journo Jess participates in bucket collection for The Brain Tumour Charity

Let’s find a cure!

I was contacted by a Brain Tumour Charity representative about a volunteer opportunity – to collect donations with The Brain Tumour Charity for the David Capel memorial cricket match. David Capel was a Cricketeer legend who passed away from a brain tumour in September 2020.

The Brain Tumour Charity says, “we are dedicated to accelerating the  progress of how brain tumours are diagnosed, cared for, treated, and ultimately cured. And we won’t stop until they are.”

As far as my experience of bucket collection, I have never done this before; however, I will say that I highly enjoyed it.

Fortunately, many people did show up for the David Capel memorial cricket match to show their support for this wonderful cause and to honour the memory of David Capel.

While it may have rained on us at times during this event, we certainly did not let the rain stop us from collecting donations for The Brain Tumour Charity.

The Brain Tumour Charity volunteers and I walked around during the cricket game – Northamptonshire Cricket Club against the Somerset County Cricket Club – to collect donations in our buckets for The Brain Tumour Charity. Not only did I enjoy collecting donations for The Brain Tumour Charity, but I also enjoyed meeting many of David Capel’s family and friends as well as hearing from others who care about this cause and what it means to them.

Being an American also proved to be beneficial as many of the people we spoke to got excited that I was there and quickly wanted to donate what they could to the cause. At one point one of the leaders of our volunteer group had me walking throughout the stands to reach more potential donors, so that we could get more donations. It ended up being an affective approach, because we got many donations.

As far as the other volunteers that I worked with, they were extremely kind and supportive. It was just lovely being able to connect with them and hear their stories about why they decided to get involved with The Brain Tumour Charity and what other work they have done to raise funds and awareness for The Brain Tumour Charity.

After participating in the David Capel memorial cricket match, I walked away having made many new professional contacts as well as I made many new friendships.

Moving forward, I hope to participate in many more events like these with The Brain Tumour Charity, so that we can make a difference by raising awareness and hopefully find a cure for brain tumour(s). Additionally, I hope to get even more involved with The Brain Tumour Charity, so that I can reach some of my personal goals that I have for myself – to help those who are battling a brain tumour(s) and its challenges that it comes with it.

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