Year 2 – Journo Jess raises money and awareness in Brain Tumour Research 10k challenge

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Journo Jess participates in 10,000 step a day challenge for the Brain Tumour Research charity

‘Just 700 more steps to go. Almost there.’ 

These are things I thought daily when I was doing the 10,000 step a day challenge in February 2021.  

I was beyond excited to participate in a charity step challenge and while I may have never done one before and wasn’t in the best of shape, I still wanted to do it – to raise funds for the Brain Tumour Research charity, so that we can be one step closer to finding a cure for brain tumours. This charity, for obvious reasons, is a cause that is close to my heart.

The unprecedented challenges before charity fundraiser

On a side note, a week before starting the 10,000 step a day in February challenge, I had actually taken a pretty bad fall when I was getting out of the shower.

As I was getting out of the shower the floor had been wet because I had cleaned the floor right before hopping in the shower, and when I went to get out of the shower, the rug slipped from under my feet and I went head first into the toilet. Thank God I was okay and that fall didn’t do anything to my shunt.

While it was a pretty painful fall and I was shook up for the first day or so, although I was still determined to stick to the plan – to achieve my goal of 10,000 step a day in February whilst attempting to raise  £300 for the Brain Tumour Research charity. 

Ready for the challenge!

I’m not going to lie, the first week was rough. 

As I was still recovering from that crazy fall while also not getting much daily exercise because I had been self isolating quite often amid the pandemic. Therefore, I decided to start by getting my daily steps in by hopping on my treadmill throughout the day.

Turns out, it’s actually harder than you might think to ensure to get 10,000 steps a day. Personally, I was found it nearly impossible to achieve my 10,000 steps a day challenge the first week while only utilising my treadmill. Therefore, I decided I had to switch it up – so I added daily walks with my husband to parks near by so that I could reach my 10,000 step a day challenge. I noticed, as soon as we started doing this, I was easily hitting my 10,000 step a day goal!

Although, anytime I noticed on my Fitbit I was not getting close to achieving my 10,000 step a day goal, I would  hop on my treadmill just to get more steps in so that I could end my day more successfully. 

Another unprecedented challenge

I will say, it got challenging once again to achieve my 10,000 step a day challenge, because when I was offered my first jab for the Covid-19 vaccine I immediately jumped on that opportunity.  However, I did have some side effects.

Fortunately, my side effects were very mild, but I was very fatigued for the first week after getting my Pfizer jab. This of course made it all the more difficult to achieve my 10,000 step a day challenge in the middle of my challenge.

Completed the challenge

All in all though, it was a terrific experience! I felt so proud that I was able to participate and raise money for a charity that is trying their best to help those who have affected by brain tumour(s). 

Looking ahead, I have already decided that I do plan on participating in the next 10,000 step a day challenge for the month of February 2022. Additionally, I also hope to double my original goal and hopefully will succeed by doubling my goal to £600 for the 10,000 step a day challenge for The Brain Tumour Research charity. Hopefully the more effort that goes into research for a cure for brain tumours the closer we can be to finding a cure for brain tumours.

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