The Covid-19 Pandemic Articles

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Featured below: In this section of my portfolio, you can click on the Titles or Images to view the Coronavirus articles I have written thus far. 

Covid-19 Chicago Survivor speaks out: “Two months later, and I still feel unwell”

Follow-up on Nurse Taylor: The struggles she faces as pandemic continues to get worse at the Navajo Nation Reservation

American couple change wedding plans amid Coronavirus pandemic

US Woman’s Collegiate Soccer Team undergo quarantine measures after Coronavirus outbreak on team: Soccer Player and Coach speak out

Covid-19 in Russia: Russian English School Administrator speaks out about online schooling measures

Covid-19 in Turkey: English Teacher says ‘kids will continue online learning through the rest of the year’

US Texan Middle School Teacher says online schooling measures ‘have not been effective’ amid pandemic

EXCLUSIVE: US Nurse conducts Covid-19 Contact Tracing at Navajo Nation Reservation

Covid-19 Exclusive: Mexico’s resort photographer speaks out

Indian Orphanage provides Covid-19 relief efforts to more than 10,000 internal migrants

COVID-19: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community assists in pandemic

Covid-19 EXCLUSIVE: Doctor in Brazil assists in pandemic

Covid-19: Turbine Technicians keep the lights on during pandemic

Covid-19: US New Jersey Pharmacist speaks out

Covid-19: Asylum seeker and partner provides acts of kindness for others during pandemic

Covid-19 EXCLUSIVE: Frontline UK Pharmacist reveals his experience

COVID-19 EXCLUSIVE: Frontline NHS Medical Consultant reveals the big picture

Covid-19 pandemic: Life Celebrant spreads light to the grieving

Covid-19 Lockdown: Psychologist reveals impact on mental health & how to cope

Covid-19 EXCLUSIVE: Disabled, vulnerable person speaks out

COVID-19 EXCLUSIVE: American High School Senior Speaks Out

The COVID-19 isolation makes an impact on people’s health and the planet’s conservation

The COVID-19 isolation makes an impact on people’s mental health

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