Solutions to Sexual Assault in UK Project

About Project

This blogging UK Protection Rights Project will be a continuation of my investigation for my major project that I am working on for my master’s degree.

I will be updating it on a regular basis as I gather research and interviews throughout the summer.

My aim is to expand more on my research topic that I covered in my MED 7369 Specialist Journalism, Investigations and Coding assessment. The topic that I covered was on the safety of UK citizens and if laws were to be changed, much like American laws, could it save future victims of sexual assault. I will explore more on this topic by undergoing a media project with accompanying reflective, critical and contextual material.

The items I will be handing in a media project – a documentary – accompanied with reflective, critical and contextual material. Topics that will be covered: laws set in place for victims of rape, Victim blaming, how the law enforcement handles victims of rape such as Law enforcement taking phones from victims, Night clubs protecting their customers, victim blaming, the legalisation of pepper spray, the #MeToo Movement, and how the laws could be changed to help a victim from being attacked. The ways in which I will create discussion will be to create a slack channel, blog posts within my website, and interactive Twitter quizzes.

The documentary will include interviews with survivors of sexual assault, night club owners, psychologist point-of-view, and a criminologist point-of-view. I will record all of these interviews using my iPhone, microphones, lights, and tripod.

For the survivors of sexual assault interviews; I will have them tell their story, if the law enforcement helped them, and if they weren’t helped what they think the UK laws should be changed. For the night club owners, I want to hear how they protect their customers, what measures they put in place to ensure everyone stays safe. For psychologist interviews, I want to hear how a rape incident impacts a person psychologically. As for the criminologist interview, I would like to hear what the process would be to changing laws to help avoid rape incidents. I also plan on visiting organizations that support victims of rape to get their perspective of what it is they do to help victims of rape survive and cope with the aftermath.

I will essentially put together a problem-solution documentary by incorporating all of these interviews as well as including a piece-to-camera. I will outline the laws that are now set in place and then expand on what laws could be changed to possibly help male or female from being attacked in the near future. As I am undergoing this investigation, I will keep a diary and blog about my findings as well to gain interaction with my audience on this topic.

I feel very strongly there are a number of things that can be done differently in UK to help improve the reductions of sexual assault. This topic is a sensitive topic and I plan on telling the narrative with the utmost professionalism. I hope to draw on a solution to the high numbers of sexual assault, such as the suggestion to change laws or legalize things pepper spray, to hopefully decrease the number of cases.

Final Form of Submission:

    1. Documentary
    2. Interactive quizzes from twitter
    3. Website filled with need for change
    4. Creating a slack channel for discussion

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