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As I finish my book that I have been working on for the past three years,  I have decided to start recording vlogs in order to gain a strong following of my book writing journey and to give my fellow readers an insight into my life.  

I plan on recording these vlogs to walk my fellow readers through the process, frustrations, and the exciting moments to getting a book published.

Since I have an educational background in multiplatform journalism, I plan on doing Vlog episodes with book publishers and published authors to hopefully guide me in the right direction I need to go in in order to get my book published successfully. 

I have high hopes for my book that I am writing, along with a few other books that I have plans for  –  to be New York Times Best Sellers.  I want to ensure that my books reach a high volume audience, because my story that I plan on telling in my books, I believe, can save lives.

I have gained so many life lessons while enduring all of the hardships I have had to go through; therefore, with all the experiences I have gained, I can pass along what I have learned in an attempt to help others find their way through similar hardships they may be going through. 

I will be hosting my vlog episodes on Youtube every Tuesday starting June 11, 2019.   

Idea of Book Cover 👆🏻☝🏻☝🏻

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