Journo Jess: Thoughts on US 2020 Election

Featured below: I was featured on both BBC and Switch radio to give my thoughts as an American – who is currently living in the UK – on the US 2020 Election. 

BBC Clip

Video featured below: As the US 2020 Election Day approached, I was asked by a former BBC colleague to record a piece on what my thoughts were on the US 2020 Election, so that BBC could play it out on their show.

Switch Radio interview

Video featured below: I was contacted by Ben Ellis – Presenter of Switch Radio – to discuss my perspective – as an American who lives in the UK- about what my thoughts were on the 2020 US Election.

Birmingham Eastside Clip

Tweet/Video featured below: As I am a Birmingham City University Alumni, a Birmingham Journalism student asked me if I could send a video for them to use, so that they could use it as they covered Election day. 


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