Fahima Khatun’s Testimonial

Story: Collaborative radio two-way report on the ‘Reality of Rough Sleepers’

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jessica Quinlan on different projects of her own and have had her help me with my own projects.

We met during our Master program at Birmingham City University, and she straight away gave off confidence and was very approachable. Her strong ability to work on sensitive topics, such as ‘Sexual Assault’ and issues around ‘Rough Sleepers’, shows her ability to tackle hard topics and bring attention to the public on important subjects. 

When speaking with her about the topics she is working on, I can always hear her passion for wanting to bring stories to the public. She is always keen to work with others and knows how to be professional, but she is also someone I enjoy working with because she is good company to have.

Along with finding good stories, she always does her best to present the stories as strongly as she can – filming, editing and reporting the stories, which shows she is a multitalented professional. 

I always enjoy working with her and look forward to watching her prosper.”

– Fahima Khatun

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