Journo Jess raises money for & donates hair to The Little Princess Trust

Giving hair & hope to children and young people by providing free real hair wigs and funding vital research into childhood cancers #littleprincesstrust

Above picture: This is my surgery hair two years after my 28th surgery.

My Story

I am planning on cutting my hair to donate to The Little Princess Trust – a cause that makes wigs out of donated hair and then distributes the wigs to children who are loosing their hair due to medical treatments such as chemo therapy. A cause like this is something that is very close to my heart, because I understand on a personal level what a child is goes through when they loose their hair due to a medical condition.

I was told at the age of 12 years old that I have a benign inoperable brain tumour. Where the tumour lies it blocks fluid from flowing; Therefore, the doctors had to immediately put in a shunt after they saw it on the MRI. As long as my shunt works I can live a long full happy life; however, I have had many problems with my shunt(s) in the past – I have had to have 28 brain surgeries over my lifetime, because my shunts have malfunctioned many times.

Every time I had to have surgery the doctors had to shave a good amount of hair off in order to perform the surgery. When I was a child, that was devastating to me. You ask any little girl a little girl you love your hair

About The Little Princess Trust

“The Little Princess Trust provides free, real-hair wigs for young cancer sufferers or for children and young people experiencing the devastating effects of hair loss. We also fund pioneering, life-saving research into childhood cancers.” – The Little Princess Trust

If you would like to support me in my efforts of helping such a great cause by providing free wigs to children who are loosing their hair due to medical treatments, such as chemo treatments, please follow this link to donate to The Little Princess Trust.

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